16th July 2020

Procurement Opportunity – Venue Hire Across Cheshire & Warrington

As advertised on the UK Government Contract Finder Portal (https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk) Blue Orchid is seeking a supplier of Venue Hire Across Cheshire & Warrington services.


Blue Orchid currently delivers a range of advice, guidance and mentoring services to small & medium sized businesses within the UK.

This includes the delivery of the EU-ERDF funded programme Cheshire & Warrington SME Growth Grants & Access to Finance Advice, which requires the procurement of all services and equipment that are used wholly or in part in their operation.

We are looking for quotes from multiple venues across Cheshire & Warrington suitable to host a series of business presentations/workshops from 2020 onwards to the end of the project
The type and number of workshops is still to be confirmed however we would expect to deliver approximately 10-20 workshops across the Cheshire & Warrington each year aimed at small to medium sized businesses.

Please note, therefore that response to this submission is at the sole cost of the supplier.


Suitable/interested venues will need to be able to provide the following:

1. A room/venue in good upkeep to accommodate three potential event sizes
a. less than 10 people
b. up to 25 people
c. and up to 100 with appropriate tables and chairs in various room layouts.
2. A venue appropriate to deliver to small to medium sized businesses with wheel chair access.
3. Flexibility to accommodate full day or half-day workshops.
4. Wi-Fi facilities in the room that can be provided free of charge to all attendees.
5. A screen and projector suitable for connection to both a MacBook and PC laptop
6. Provision of light drink refreshments (tea, coffee, juice).
7. Have their own café/restaurant or alternatively allow external caterers access for lunches etc.
8. Onsite parking or close to alternative parking, both with wheel chair access.
9. Appropriate insurances, health & safety procedures, hygiene certificates etc. as appropriate.

Interested parties are required to email their completed response procurement@blueorchid.co.uk before the specified deadline confirming they can fulfill all of the above requirements and supply a breakdown of costs. The full tender specification and application form can be accessed here 

Blue Orchids standard supplier terms & conditions can be accessed here 

By submitting this information you are not guaranteed to host any workshops but will be included on our supplier list as potential venues across the Cheshire & Warrington area.

Venues will be selected on a most economically advantageous tender process when each workshop is released combining equally cost with suitability/location of the venue in regards to target audience.

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