C&W Access to Finance & Grant Programme – Tender Opportunities

All Cheshire & Warrington Access to Finance & SME Grant programme applicants will be required to post any tender opportunities for the provision of services to implement the projects for which they have been awarded a grant will be advertised on this webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Blue Orchid supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.

Current Opportunities

To submit a quotation for the delivery of the services requested by our grant clients please review the documentation below and submit the required quotation form and pricing information directly to the tendering business.

Blue Orchid will not be able to enter into any correspondence in relation to the procurement below.

Project – Business Systems Improvement

Company Name – Ziggle Baby

Summary – Ziggle Baby is a baby accessories brand, a small family firm based in Cheshire. We design and manufacture a range of baby accessories/gifts that are sold wholesale to c300+ UK/Eire independent stockists as well as direct to consumers via our woocommerce website and amazon.co.uk.

We have been established 10 years and are looking to grow substantially over the next 5 years. We have recently updated our B2B/B2C website with a new theme. We now wish to extend its capabilities and integrate it with other apps.

Requirements of the brief:

 The new integrated systems are hoped to improve internal operations such as inventory management and financial reporting we well as increasing sales to existing and new customers via:

  • More items in stock more of the time reducing lost sales
  • Improved marketing through better targeting and automation to raise awareness, promotions to encourage trial and encourage customer loyalty.
  • Improved sales agent performance through improved customer knowledge and activity planning
  • Improved sales conversion by abandoned cart automated marketing
  • Introduce an affiliate brand ambassador scheme for peer to peer selling
  • Increased basket conversion and increased spend by improving upsells and cross-sells
  • Improved loyalty, advocacy and repeat purchase
  • Improved customer satisfaction through reduced fulfilment errors, better in stock levels, customer satisfaction automated emails

Proposed work requirements:

  • Extend functionality of WooCommerce to:
    • Allow us to see gross profit per SKU
    • Show current and inbound stock per SKU
    • Allow quick and centralised purchase ordering from suppliers
    • Enable accurate / easy stocktake and update stock levels
  • Need a good report function so we can filter data in many ways and export it as excel files, g.:
    • A single export file to show a trade customer’s current order (sku, barcode, quantity etc)
    • Automatically email monthly sales reports to each sales agent
  • Improve onsite “Customer Value Optimisation”, g.:
    • Offer package deal under basic listing “frequently bought together”
    • g. Post purchase upselling – display upsell offer immediately after purchase and include it in order email confirmation too
    • Add prompt to get free shipping if spend £30 at checkout (where “£30” can be altered easily)
    • Add prompt at checkout to add gift box (payable) , gift card with personal message, sent direct to gift recipient without invoice etc
  • Link WooCommerce and Amazon website sales to Xero accounting software, Stripe payment gateway and bank feeds (do not want to link Amazon listings or amazon stock management to WooCommerce, just Amazon sales data to Xero for accountancy reasons)
  • Link WooCommerce with Hubspot CRM to track customers, automate emails, create ads on social channels, and build eCommerce reports
  • Link Hubspot and Mailchimp together to improve CRM databases and email marketing / mailchimp automations
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Link WooCommerce with Loyalty rewards programme which rewards spend with loyalty points for future redemption.
  • Link woocommerce with an affiliate Brand ambassadors cash commission programme
  • Link woocommerce above with Google shopping
  • Integrate woocommerce with existing Facebook shop for facebook and Instagram customers
  • Improve marketing targeting, remarketing and ROI to our social media channels
  • Automatically updates Dropbox photos once added to WooCommerce

We have assumed that the cost of purchasing any software plug-ins / licenses will be paid 100% by Ziggle and are not requested within this application, however we need you to detail what the expected licence fees may be if any.

Expected Start Date        June 2022

Expected End Date          July 2022

Date of Issue – 18th May 2022

Submission Deadline – 1st June 2022 5pm

Budget – £7,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here

Project – Sustainability and Green Credentials

Company Name – Sixteen3 Ltd.

Summary – We are looking for individuals or companies who will assist us acquiring the industry specific sustainability documents. (FSC and FISP).

As it was mentioned on the company background, we mainly work with architects, designers and specifiers who put us forward as a selected furniture manufacturer for project specific tender documents. Recent years, these tender documents and the end users require new sustainability criteria, asking companies achieving certain environmental standards.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a certificate which shows the origin of the wood and the timber used during furniture manufacturing, making sure it comes from sustainable sources and the chain of custody is not broken.

FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Program) focuses on sustainability element holistically and sets wide criteria for businesses to achieve from electricity to water, well-being to waste management.

Project will start with initial calls, followed up by a site visit to make sure we are as a company aware of what needs to be done to achieve acquiring mentioned certificates.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • All the paper-work needs to be done before and during third party auditors visit for FSC and FISP.
  • Project manage all the steps for FSC and FISP to make sure the company is ready to be awarded with the right certificates.
  • Keeping in contact with project managers at Sixteen3, making sure communication is clear.
  • Booking the auditors for FSC and FISP
  • Checking the anniversary of the certificates, to make sure company can maintain these certificates and the company is ready for next years inspections.

Expected Start Date        June 2022

Expected End Date          October 2022

Date of Issue – 17th May 2022

Submission Deadline – 31st May 2022 5pm

Budget – £10,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here

Project – New Client Acquisition and Revenue Growth Project

Company Name – Altus Digital Services

Summary – Requirements of the Brief

  1. To identify “target” clients, by company name, who have a requirement for our products and services. Target clients are those that
    • Have a requirement for our products and services
    • Have a “burning platform” to procure those services immediately
    • Have a budget to procure our products & services
    • Have max 60 days payment terms from end.
  2. Identify the decision makers in these target clients by name and job title and make introductions (preferably through personal relationships)
  3. Develop targeted marketing content (emails/scripts and messages) to explain the benefits of our products and services and why the target clients need them.
  4. Qualify if the decision makers already have a provider for these services or not and if there is a “burning platform” to change supplier to Altus or begin to use Altus as a supplier.
  5. We expect this work to help us convert at least one new client in the first three months of the project and deliver new client revenue more than £35,000
  6. We expect that by continuing this work beyond the project period we would generate at least £350,000 of new revenue in the 2023 financial year.

We expect providers to be able to demonstrate with case studies and client references, experience of delivering rapid short-term profitable revenue growth for technology-based businesses. Successful bidders must be able to demonstrate an understanding our products and market sectors. The successful bidder will be able to prove they have relationships & contacts within those sectors and can demonstrate the ability to gain access to decision makers within those sectors quickly.

This is not a strategic planning exercise. It is an operational intervention to gain new clients quickly. We are not looking for 1000-page reports, powerpoint presentations about a 10-year strategy, financial projections or other non-tangible outcomes.

The successful bidder will be expected to understand the company, products, and services within the first two weeks of the project and demonstrate delivery of the requirements of the brief 1 within the first month.

Requirement of the brief 2 & 3 will be delivered in month 2 of the project Requirement of the brief 4will be delivered in month 3 of the project Requirement of the brief 5 will be delivered in month 4 of the project

Expected Start Date        June 2022

Expected End Date          Sept 2022

Date of Issue – 16th May 2022

Submission Deadline – 30th May 2022 5pm

Budget – £9,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here