C&W Access to Finance & Grant Programme – Tender Opportunities

All Cheshire & Warrington Access to Finance & SME Grant programme applicants will be required to post any tender opportunities for the provision of services to implement the projects for which they have been awarded a grant will be advertised on this webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Blue Orchid supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.

Current Opportunities

To submit a quotation for the delivery of the services requested by our grant clients please review the documentation below and submit the required quotation form and pricing information directly to the tendering business.

Blue Orchid will not be able to enter into any correspondence in relation to the procurement below.

Project – ERP System Scoping & Selection

Company Name – Alphabond Technologies Ltd

Summary – Requirements of the Brief

Requirements of the Brief

We are looking for an ERP system that will allow us to grow with the system – this could be improvement to our current system or explore new options available that match our requirements.

This project will be completed in 2 phases.

  • Phase 1 – ERP System Scoping & Selection (This Tender)
  • Phase 2 – ERP System Implementation

Phase 1 – ERP System Scoping & Selection

Our requirement is for a consultant to manage this selection process from understanding our requirements for the system as below, including discussion to clarify detail with us, through to exploring what options are available in the market.  The consultant must bring to the table a list of approx. 5 options, evaluating each vendor on a scoring basis.  The consultant will then short list the potential vendors to three and introduce these vendors to Alphabond to demonstrate the capabilities of each system that best match our requirements.

The consultant will continue to work with us and the potential vendors through to implementation of the system.

The consultant MUST have at least 5 experience in ERP implementation, and demonstrate they understand our requirements in their entirety.

It is expected that a final decision would be made by end February.

The requirements are not limited to those included within the full tender specification document which are over and above the basics we would expect a professional system to deliver.  These outline requirements identify real pinch points in our current system and the requirement list is still a work in progress.

Proposed Start Date: 01 February 2022

Proposed End Date: 01 March 2022

Date of Issue –11 January 2022

Submission Deadline – 25 January 2022 5pm

Budget – The initial stage in selecting and demonstrating potential vendors is expected to be approximately £7,000 + VAT.

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here

Project – Switching to a cloud based ERP System

Company Name – Surf & Turf Instant Shelters Ltd

Summary – Requirements of the Brief

Currently our system is server based, does not integrate with our accounts system or website, and any customisations are extremely expensive and time consuming. Below is a list of requirements. If certain items are not available, we are still welcoming companies to tender listing what they can supply.

Regarding lead times, although we want this completed by 1st January. We understand this could be difficult. We would be happy to discuss.

Must Have

  • Full Cloud Based omni channel system
  • Ability to integrate with Xero Accounting Software
  • Woocommerce Web integration
  • Fedex/TNT integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Built in CRM
  • Multi-channel order management – collate, process and manage all orders from online and offline in one location
  • Obvious and simple method of seeing overdue payments
  • Inventory updates across all sales channels, inventory locations immediately.
  • Ability to use different currencies.
  • Ability to allocate different prices lists (e.g trade/retail).
  • System to have robust sales analysis including most profitable customer, products etc.
  • Simple allocation of stock on all orders
  • Integration with Sagepay (payment link can be sent direct with sales order for payment).
  • Ability to create bundle items in a simple way
  • Create PO’s for various suppliers, both UK and EU/Rest of the world in various currencies
  • Inventory demand planning – help us prepare for seasonal trends to ensure we have the correct amount of stock
  • Simple to see current inventory, allocated stock, stock due
  • Paramount that we can partial ship parts of bundle items
  • Open API with new integrations added
  • Require an implementation consultant for whole project. Especially with importing current data (customers, products, stock etc). Full support throughout implementation

Like to Have – Future Potential

  • Full warehouse management – Potential for bar coding
  • Ideally online training and learning platforms are available
  • Amazon and eBay integration
  • Ability to have multiple warehouses
  • Integration with Square Payments

Proposed Start Date: 24 January 2022

Proposed End Date: 1st March 2022

Date of Issue –23th December 2021

Submission Deadline – 18th January 2022 [Extended from 11th January 2022]

Budget – Up to £29,000 + VAT

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here