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C&W Access to Finance & Grant Programme – Tender Opportunities

All Cheshire & Warrington Access to Finance & SME Grant programme applicants will be required to post any tender opportunities for the provision of services to implement the projects for which they have been awarded a grant will be advertised on this webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Blue Orchid supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.

Current Opportunities

To submit a quotation for the delivery of the services requested by our grant clients please review the documentation below and submit the required quotation form and pricing information directly to the tendering business.

Blue Orchid will not be able to enter into any correspondence in relation to the procurement below.

Project – Marketing, Brand awareness and production of a new Website

Company Name – Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd

Summary – Company Background

Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd are a diverse business providing recycling services, predominately to the aluminium industry and specialise in the production of aluminium master alloy ingots.

The company was formed in 2008 taking over the premises of FE Mottram Ltd and has grown rapidly year on year thereafter. Between our two UK sites we employ over 100 staff and forecast further growth in the years to come.

There is big emphasis in the aluminium industry to be sustainable, reduce carbon footprint, and the need to create a circular economy. Tandom’s business is centred around all three of these points by processing and remelting various forms of end-of-life metals, which includes a unique partnership with Nespresso.

A large proportion of our products are supplied directly into the automotive, food packaging and aerospace industries and are exported around the World. Our Congleton site focusses on aluminium production, recycling of UBC (used beverage cans), dross toll-conversion and aerospace grade revert segregation and processing. Our Midlands facility handles a wide variety of materials from aerospace grade aluminium to household cable. They export thousands of tonnes of tested and processed material across the world.

Requirements of the Brief

We require a new website along with marketing strategy & material to reflect the important part Tandom play in creating a more sustainable, greener world. The automotive industry is changing rapidly with the uptake in electric powered vehicles, and food packaging companies are under increasing pressure to show their packaging is recyclable. These changes provide Tandom with challenges but also opportunity. As we head into this new era, we wish to showcase our strengths and capabilities to the right audience, with the belief that this will safeguard our business, continue to create new opportunities, and aid our ambition of year-on-year growth.

In summary the project will need to deliver:

  • Consultancy to focus and decide what are our overall aims and objectives are
    • The facilitation of focus group sessions to help focus our short, medium and long term goals from this project
    • KPI’s and milestones in order to achieve the goals
  • A review of our current branding with conclusions being drawn upon:
    • Is our current branding effective, where could it be improved, and how would the re-branding contribute to our overall aims and objectives
  • Prepare a marketing strategy that:
    • Is clearly defined with KPI’s and milestone dates
    • Increase the number of quality, long term customers we work with
    • Generate interest in our ability to offer recycling solutions for a diverse range of products and industries
    • Generate quality leads
  • New website design and build

We are looking for a company that can review our existing, then design and build a bespoke new website in line with our branding and ethos. The website should be unique, clear and user friendly.

The website should:

  • Increase our brand awareness
  • Differentiate Tandom from our competition
  • Tell our story and the impressive growth over recent years
  • Emphasise the important role Tandom play in creating a greener world
  • Generate leads and enquiries
  • Be responsive and clear
  • Be mobile and tablet friendly
  • Have social media integration
  • Be coded with search engine optimisation
  • Include an easy-to-use Content Management System to ensure we can keep the site updated
  • An engagement tool that will form an additional data capture opportunity
  • Have a home page which intrigues viewers to read more
  • Have a products and services page which explains our capabilities without exhaustive reading
  • Provide contact details for the relevant Commercial staff
  • Ensure from a search engines perspective that our company has exposure worldwide
  • Small order payment system. The majority of our transactions take place with companies who have a registered account but we have the some customers who only buy small lots and this could be an easy mechanism for credit card payments.
  • An area where our standard documentation regularly required by our customers is hosted and can be downloaded
  • Social media strategy

We are looking for the creation of content and identification of suitable social media platforms. This project should:

  • Raise the profile of the business
  • Increase our audience reach
  • Drive traffic to our website
  • Create new opportunities for the business
  • Showcase our capabilities
  • Emphasise the important role Tandom play in creating a greener world
  • Measure our success

We are looking for a company to provide marketing material in line with our branding and ethos. The marketing material should consist of:

  • Development of a template for a company brochure to be used when physical meetings take place at Trade Fairs and potential customer visits. Digital brochures to be used for emailing potential new customers and suppliers.
  • The creation of content to be used in adverts which will be placed in industry editorials

The project should deliver:

  • Increased awareness of Tandom’s capabilities
  • Capture the important role we play in creating a greener world
  • Be clear and “clean”
  • Create new opportunities
  • Drive traffic to our website
  • Email marketing campaigns, pushing out content to our GDPR compliant list
  • Content marketing – developing compelling and relevant content for the audience

Expected Start Date    01.10.21

Expected End Date     30.04.22

Date of Issue –10th September 2021

Submission Deadline – 24th September 2021 5pm

Budget – Up to £32,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here

Project – Leadership and Management Coaching and Mentoring Support

Company Name – V I Resourcing Limited T/as Connect Design

Summary–  Company Background

V I Resourcing Limited T/as Connect Design have been trading since 2012 and provide accessible formats (braille, large print, accessible digital files etc) to allow people who have a print impairment to access information.  The majority of our work is within the education sector. The skills that the Connect team have are very specific and niche and the team are highly skilled in accessible modification, design, proofing and testing.  They are trained in Braille, the development of large print, modified language materials and digital accessible files that work with Text to Speech and Screenreader software.

Requirements of the Brief

Coaching and mentoring support and guidance to 1 Director and 2 Senior Managers to:

  • Re-establish an effective and efficient management team who can support the level of business that we are expecting for 2022.
  • Support with the creation of a recruitment strategy and mentoring programme to support new employees.
  • Review and re-establish processes and protocols to increase efficiencies and productivity.
  • To develop a strategy and plan for the next 3 years to grow and safeguard the business in additional sectors so that there is less reliance on just the Education sector.
  • Support with the development of an employee engagement strategy to ensure staff retention.

Expected Start Date 1st October 2021

Expected End Date 31st March 2022

Date of Issue – 8th September 2021

Submission Deadline – 22nd September 2021 – 5pm

Budget – Up to £ 36,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here