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C&W Access to Finance & Grant Programme – Tender Opportunities

All Cheshire & Warrington Access to Finance & SME Grant programme applicants will be required to post any tender opportunities for the provision of services to implement the projects for which they have been awarded a grant will be advertised on this webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Blue Orchid supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.

Current Opportunities

To submit a quotation for the delivery of the services requested by our grant clients please review the documentation below and submit the required quotation form and pricing information directly to the tendering business.

Blue Orchid will not be able to enter into any correspondence in relation to the procurement below.

Project – Engage Web: CRM/Sales/Project Mgt System

Company Name – Sheer Media Ltd T/A Engage Web

Summary – Requirements of the Brief

To build a bespoke system to act as a CRM, project management tool and sales tracker for Engage Web.

The system should track and monitor the lifecycle of a client from enquiry to proposal to sale to management of the service to end of life.

Managers should be able to monitor team member’s workloads/meetings to ensure they have sufficient work but are not overloaded.

Directors should be able to report on each stage of a sale (we use LAPS: Leads, Appointments, Proposals, Sales) and understand volume, conversions and soft data such as why we did/didn’t win a contract.

Each aspect of the proposed system is broken down below:

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)/Sales tracking:


  • Log the details of clients, prospects, business contacts and companies
  • Categorise contacts accordingly (using bespoke multiple tags, such as active/inactive, how they heard of us and what services they have)
  • Allow us to record multiple phone numbers/email addresses against a person’s record
  • Be able to group contacts and set permissions for users to see various groups – example groups: Sales, Clients, Suppliers, Management.

Desired: To be able to feed this data into our ActiveCampaign system if we have permission to do so, for email marketing.


  • Be able to bcc the system, and have a copy of the email saved to the database. This allows any user with permission to view that record to see and find emails from other people/previous employees.

Desired: Stored emails can currently be printed in PDF and attached to an email. It would be good to be able to forward them using MS Outlook.


  • To log the details and source of sales enquiries, meetings/appointments/calls, proposals done, proposal status/outcome, and schedule follow-ups.


  • Ability to run a report by date range on activities to see:
    • Number of proposals won/lost for what services
    • Where leads came from
    • Value of leads/project
    • Who was responsible, and other such sales reporting statistics for analysis.
  • Ability to filter and export data in csv format
  • Ability to complete a Proposal Request against a contact and notify/assign it to another user as a task (e.g. against the contact’s Quotes & Proposals tasklist)
  • Ability to add/remove fields to this as required
  • When setting meetings, option to send an update to the person and, if so, it should send a calendar invite so the person can accept and have it appear in their Outlook calendar.
  • Ability to set one-off/recurring tasks (see below) or meetings. These should appear in the appropriate person(s) workload list (see below) for as far ahead as the task is set. Our current system shows the recurring task singular against the tasklist

Desired: Ability to set recurring tasks on set days, e.g. 21st of each month, on set days of the week, e.g. every Tuesday, or on every fourth Thursday if possible.

Highlight where a set date means it falls on a weekend so the user can choose to move it then (the office is closed on weekends, although we may run the odd weekend event/webinar).


  • Ability to filter contacts based on clients/prospects and what services they have/were proposing to have.

Project Management Section:


  • Create new projects
  • Tag and filter projects by bespoke tags
  • Add top-level project notes (Background)
  • Create new fields where needed
  • Ability to set up project templates, e.g. with standard tasks for a ‘Web Design’ project, and insert those tasks into any project. Tasks in those templates should automatically set with the appropriate spacing, e.g. Design call on Day 1, Mock up on Day 7, Client Amends to Mock up on Day 14. If we change the date of a particular task in a template, the option should be offered to move all dependent tasks forward at the same rate, ignoring weekends, e.g. if task 2 is set for 5 working days after task 1 and task 1 is moved, the system should ask if we want to move the dependent tasks as well.


  • Ability to add Tasklists to a contact or to a project to group specific tasks, e.g. Quotes & Proposals for contacts, SEO Work December or Web Redesign 2022 for a project
  • Tasks should have fields such as:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Colour Code
    • Person(s) responsible
    • Option to notify the person(s) or not as the task is added
    • Task time done and remaining
    • Due date
    • Reason on hold
    • Option to remind the person(s) X mins or X days before date due
    • On completion send notification email to {insert email addresses}
  • Ability to add comments to a task and select a person to send a copy of that comment via email
  • Within the comment, see which other users it was sent to
  • Ability to log time against a task.


  • Ability to view a person’s or multiple persons’ workload on a single screen in a tick list format
  • Ability to change the size of any column
  • In the workload list, this should display any tasks/meetings set for that person(s)
  • Any person should be able to view another person’s workload list
  • Fields we’d like to see are:
    • Task colour code (e.g. orange to represent ‘on hold’, etc)
    • Task name
    • Time remaining
    • Task description
    • Who/what the task is for (i.e. is it set against a contact, a company or a project/tasklist)
    • Person(s) responsible
    • Due date
  • These should be grouped by day for this week and next week with total time added up beneath, and then in weeks moving forward.
  • To move a date/update any field from the workload list, we should be able to double-click and update it, or click on the contact/company/project to go to the fuller record and update from there

Desired: Ability to view and update the system on a mobile device

Date of Issue –2nd December 2021

Submission Deadline – 16th December 2021 5pm

Budget – Up to £40,000 + VAT

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here

Project – IOS and Android APP (for clients)

Company Name – rTriibe Limited

Summary – Requirements of the Brief

Using our design standards and look and feel of the current app (App Is downloadable from the app stores and all graphics can be provided)

We currently have a candidate-based app that allows out candidates to manage availability (via a simple interface where they click on a calendar), accept or decline bookings (having received an in app notification of the offer) and receive in app messages from us.

The system is built using Ionic framework to develop hybrid mobile app for the candidates and want to use this to develop the client app.

We want to add the following functionality to the client app.

  • Add a booking (this will replicate the web based system)
  • Search available candidates (again direct copy of the web)
  • Offer candidates (as above)
  • Receive in app notification and email when the booking is filled (email already sorted need to add in app message)
  • Sign off the booking once it has happened (functionality already in web)
  • View and download invoices (as per above)
  • Two way comms in app (we can currently send messages in app we want to build the functionality for messages to come back i.e so they can message us) we are looking to implement this with Azure communication services and teams

The APIs are already in place for the web front end, but we may need these altering so experience of API development is a must.

Experience in .Net Core on the server side is a must and at a senior experience is essential due to the complexity of the project, and we need to see at least 4 examples of Projects (in store) developed using Ionic Framework for App development on .Net core and will need to speak to clients to see what the level of involvement in these projects.

Date of Issue –25th November 2021

Submission Deadline – 9th December 2021 5pm

Budget – Up to £35,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here