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C&W Access to Finance & Grant Programme – Tender Opportunities

All Cheshire & Warrington Access to Finance & SME Grant programme applicants will be required to post any tender opportunities for the provision of services to implement the projects for which they have been awarded a grant will be advertised on this webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the Blue Orchid supports tender opportunities on behalf of its clients, all correspondence regarding any procurement opportunities listed below should be directed towards the contracting business named on the individual document.

Current Opportunities

To submit a quotation for the delivery of the services requested by our grant clients please review the documentation below and submit the required quotation form and pricing information directly to the tendering business.

Blue Orchid will not be able to enter into any correspondence in relation to the procurement below.

Project – Sales And Marketing and Growth Strategy

Company Name – Installation Services Group

Summary – Company Background

We are a leading supplier of kitchens and bathrooms to the construction trade and have an enviable reputation in the Cheshire area for quality, affordable kitchens and bathrooms.

Requirements of the Brief

Based upon the strategic plans and goals of the business we require a specialist Sales and Marketing consultant capable of creating a Strategy that will deliver:

Sales & Marketing Process, Management, & Development

  • Review existing Marketing processes that identify the gaps and requirements to ensure a robust strategy going forward.
  • Review how we identify key target clients using a range of marketing tools.
  • Identify any key skills gaps in our existing personnel.
  • Implement a Sales Development plan that takes staff from their core knowledge base to one that delivers on the Company’s goals.
  • Develop an on-going mentoring plan that can be delivered by a senior Manager both now and in the future.
  • Identify any external training needs where not currently available in-house.

Marketing Planning

  • Identify the potential client bases who would comprise our target market.
  • Identify the market pricing levels and conduct competitor analysis.
  • Identify the KPI’s that would deliver new trade clients to our business.

Date of Issue –19th October 2021

Submission Deadline – 2nd November 2021 5pm

Budget – Up to £24,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here

Project – New website creation

Company Name – ASHBROOK Ltd

Summary – Overview

To provide ASHBROOK with a modern, fresh, intuitive website that covers the needs of our B2B customers and provides a straightforward quote request system.  The site will be easily findable with SEO principles built into its core.  Backend processes from CMS management to receiving quotations, need to be simple and in line with business processes to support employee adoption.  Full view of analytical data is needed.


ASHBROOK require a website that reflects the modern, forward-facing business that we are.  Usability should be as straightforward as possible.  We require the focus of the site to be product led with ease of gaining a quotation from us a key priority.   This should be reflected in both the mobile/ tablet design and PC view.

Alongside this, we wish to showcase the business’ values to our B2B customers, so that it is obvious to the user that we are a market leader with regular fleet renewals, an active supporter of the local communities surrounding our depots and make decisions with environmental consequences in mind.  Our legal documentation will need to be easily accessible, but not a key focus.

The products need to be able to hold the manufactures specification pdfs and feature product videos (although not all products will have them). It is likely that all products will have photos, descriptions and some key specifications that need highlighting.

We need to be able to add, remove and edit all elements of the products simply.

A ‘product picker’ to help customers find which machine they require.

The site itself should be searchable so that people can easily locate what they require, through both a simple menu structure and a site ‘search’ tool.

The site will be built to best practice technical SEO principles to support both national and local search.

Feature an ‘amazon type- you may also like’ of different products.

As much as we wish to generate online traffic, we still wish to support those customers who prefer to phone, so our contact details should be prominent.

An area to feature our ‘news articles/ case studies’.   In this area, allow us to feature an author profile to help with E.A.T signals.

Social sign posting so that users can also find us across our social platforms.

A sign up to receive more information from us- it would be ideal if the data capture was direct into our mailchimp account, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case.  If it isn’t direct then notifications to ASHBROOK to say we have received a sign-up is needed.

Form functionality so that we can add a data capture form at any point.

Google maps plugin, so that people can easily locate us for machinery pick-ups.

The CMS needs to be simple and straight-forward to use with staggard access profiles for multiple users. I suggest:

  • Super Admin- with full access,
  • Admin- with access to everything accept adding and removing admins/ editors,
  • Editor- with access to only the news/ blog area and standard content pages.
  • This is entirely open to debate and what is available. Don’t add in extra cost making it like this if there’s an off-the-peg answer.

Google analytics/ google search console should be set up throughout the site and tags added where key actions are identified.

The site must render correctly across all standard browsers and screen sizes.

The new site should be launched so that any historic page rank is preserved.

Open to external plugins/ APIs so that if our business management system (Syrinx) offers additional functionality, such as quoting, in time, we can add in these elements.

Timelines need to be adhered too with regular project management meetings to ensure we stay on track and that any potential pinch points are identified and dealt with.

In addition, and not covered by the grant, we are also looking to move our hosting package and receive on-going maintenance of the site.  Hosting should be fast and consistently stable, with back-up should there be any issues.  Please do not cover the cost of this within the grant application quotation, however we do need to work with a supplier who is able to provide this, so please state whether you are able to meet this on-going need

Date of Issue – 14th October 2021

Submission Deadline – 28th October 2021 -5pm

Budget – Up to £10,000

For full details and instructions on how to apply, download the specification here