Business Start-Up

Blue Orchid has extensive experience of delivering business start-up programmes across the UK. Our programmes include not only the general start-up advice essential for all entrepreneurs, but also in-depth training on key business issues for high growth start-ups and young businesses.

Our experience in delivering start-up support as lead accountable body, delivery partner and sub-contractor has also allowed us to develop a tried and tested implementation process. This ensures that we can not only provide a rapid roll-out of support services but can do so using processes and procedures that are compliant with the most stringent monitoring and audit requirements including ERDF/ESF compliance.

New Business Start-Ups within the last 5 years via the various programme Blue Orchid deliver

The most common areas of support Blue Orchid provide are featured below, however additional assistance is available according to project requirements. This can include networking and engagement events, often relating to topical developments in the business environment such as new legislation or local investment plans.

We can also facilitate online forums for those who have completed one of our programmes. This encourages the development of a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, allowing business owners to post questions, receive advice and discuss how to continue with their business development.

Business Start-Up Grants

Blue Orchid can provide straightforward, yet robustly managed start-up grants as an element of any start-up and entrepreneurship programme. These can easily be tailored to the specific needs of our clients and priorities, including variable intervention rates, maximum grant value, sector/community targeting and real-time monitoring and reporting.

Business Start-Up Workshops

Business Start-Up Workshops cover the important aspects of setting up and running a successful business in the first 12 months of trading. They assist delegates to get into the right mindset to create a commercial offering, right through to understanding the necessity for financial controls.

The Workshops cover all the main elements and topics to include in a business plan and identify key areas to consider when starting a new business. Delegates will be sign-posted to the most appropriate next steps and subsequently, the local support that is available. Depending on the specific programme being delivered, Workshops are run over a one, or more often two-day period.

One-to-One Advice and Business Mentoring

Tailored, one-to-one advice is available from regionally based Blue Orchid advisors. Over several focused sessions our advisors help develop the strengths of the individual and identify how to address areas where more in-depth support is required. Business mentoring develops the essential skills to run a successful business further and is available for both start-up and trading businesses.

“It’s a great feeling to be there at the start, supporting someone who has taken the step to start their own business. It’s so rewarding to be that all-important sounding board and safety net in the early months of critical decisions.

We can’t make these decisions for our clients, but we can always draw out of them the right course to take.  It’s amazing to see the results as these start-ups flourish and grow.”

Jane Pallister, Blue Orchid Advisor

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