Innovator & Start-up Visa Programme

UKVI Innovator Founder Visa

UK Visa and Immigration closed the Tier 1 Innovator and Start-up Visa route on the 13 April 2023.

This has been replaced by the Innovator Founder Route

The new Innovator Founder route also requires the endorsement of an applicants business plan by an approved Endorsing Body.

Blue Orchid Enterprise Solutions is a member of the UK Endorsing Services Ltd consortium, one of 3 approved endorsing bodies for the new scheme. Applications for endorsement under the new Innovator Founder route can be made online at

Please do not send any further correspondence in relation to new Innovator Founder applications directly to Blue Orchid

Tier 1 Innovator & Start-Up Legacy Clients

As of 13 April 2023, endorsing bodies who endorsed individuals on the Start-up and Innovator visa routes became Legacy Endorsing Bodies. All Legacy Endorsing Bodies, including Blue Orchid Enterprise Solutions Ltd, retain the responsibility to monitor those whom they endorse.

In addition to maintaining the monitoring of their existing endorsement clients legacy Endorsing Bodies can undertake the following:

  • Issue Innovator Founder endorsements for those already previously endorsed in the Start-up or Innovator visa routes prior to the 13th April 2023 who are
    • Switching from Start up to Innovator Founder
    • Extending Innovator leave
    • Settlement applications

Legacy Endorsement Support Service

Given the strict requirements around demonstrating the successful progress of a previously endorsed business we have developed a support package aimed at ensuring our existing clients have the best possible likelihood of a positive outcome of Home Office review and that where this is not likely they are informed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Details of our Tier 1 legacy endorsee application process can be downloaded here