5th February 2019

ERDF Summative Assessment Tender Oppportunity : Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub and Grant Service

Tenders are invited to develop and deliver a summative assessment for the ERDF Project – Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub, Grant & Advice Service (2015-2019) that complies with and satisfies the requirements of the European Regional Development Fund.

The Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub, Grant & Advice Service project provides a first point of contact for SMEs to access advice, guidance and referral into the ecosystem of the business Support services available both nationally and locally. Provision of online resources, telephone support and access to 1-2-1 business advice for SMEs with identified growth potential to support them to develop a plan for accessing the support required for them to realise their potential.

In addition, the core BEIS funding was used as match to draw down ERDF funding and provide additional services to business including financial grants, additional IDB provision and 12 hours specialist consultancy support.

The project has been delivered by Blue Orchid Enterprise Solutions Ltd since 2015 on behalf of the Cheshire & Warrington LEP and included the delivery of;

  • Inception, development, launch and management of C&W Growth Hub including design of branding, website and marketing materials and launch campaign
  • Core BEIS required business engagement, advisory and referral service (Oct 2015 – Oct 2018)
  • 12 Hour Business Support Service – incorporating a call centre function, Information, Diagnostic & Brokerage Service, 12 Hours of Consultancy Support delivered by SME selected specialist consultants. (May 2016 – July 2017)
  • SME Growth Grant – 40% financial contribution towards the cost of a growth project delivered by a procured external service provider. (May 2016 – Dec 2019)

The successful provider will:

  • Design a methodology to carry out the summative assessment that incorporates ERDF requirements, considers ERDF guidance and builds on the Summative Assessment Plan that has already been submitted to the Managing Authority (Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government). This plan is provided with the tender documentation.
  • Review and collate our delivery data and evidence of benefit and impact additional to that already required for normal reporting, if necessary, to meet the needs of the summative assessment
  • Complete Interim & Final Summative assessment report and required summary findings report.

Deadline for response: 21/02/2019

Click here to view the full tender specification & supporting documents. 


The project is part-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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