Response to Redundancy

Blue Orchid successfully delivered a Response to Redundancy training programme across Merseyside following the UK Government’s announcement of a package of measures in response to the economic downturn in 2008.

The Learning and Skills Council commissioned a UK/ESF funded project to boost skills interventions for individuals under notice of redundancy, those made recently redundant, and those that are unemployed to support them to gain the skills necessary to re-enter the labour market.

The funder for the project was the Merseyside Learning Skills Council. The budget was £2.0m to be spent over a period of 18 Months.


The Response to Redundancy programme delivered by Blue Orchid worked with those at risk of redundancy, recently made redundant and graduates entering a difficult labour market. An in-depth training programme addressed the uncertainty surrounding those affected by redundancy through the development of a Personal Expectation Plan. It also provided an understanding of the labour market, job application processes and addressed skill gaps identified by Blue Orchid advisors.

Blue Orchid worked with a network of employers and recruitment consultants to create a programme that not only provided training and support services to those at risk of redundancy or difficulty in engaging with the labour market but to help identify job opportunities and present suitable clients to employers to increase the likelihood of their being able to transition into new employment following redundancy.

different vocational training courses were offered as part of the Response to Redundancy programme

Programme Aims and Objectives

  • Personal Expectations Plan: to support clients reviewing the labour market in relation to their current role and future expectations, e.g. expected salary range, desired commute time, hours and role
  • Financial Survival Plan: if required, advisors to support clients by reviewing their redundancy payments, savings and benefits eligibility against their outgoings to draw up a detailed plan to manage their finances whilst seeking employment
  • Career and Training Plan: advisors to develop a bespoke plan to help assess the client’s skill and experiences, the likelihood of securing employment in the same sector/role and any additional training requirements
  • Job Application Plan: allied to the other activities, advice and training to be provided to assist the client to find, filter and apply for jobs
  • Ongoing Support: advisors to provide assistance at interview and employment stages

Key Outputs

Indicator Outcome
Number of individuals engaged 1,300
Number of training courses delivered 1,700
Clients supported into new job 500